Virtual Reality – AIDEN

AIDEN (Artificial Intelligence for Data Exploration and Navigation) is a system based on virtual reality (VR) to provide an immersive and intuitive application for exploring, analyzing, and modifying RDF knowledge graphs in an interactive three-dimensional environment.

The system aims to enhance knowledge capitalization and decision-support processes by helping user to navigate through complex RDF knowledge graphs in an intuitive manner. By facilitating the physical navigation of virtual space with its multi-modal interactions such as gestures, movements, and voice commands; AIDEN allows technical data readily accessible to non-experts. This immersive approach takes advantage of humans’ innate ability to interact with three-dimensional environments, thereby enhancing the user experience by reducing cognitive load while exploiting the potential of a third dimension for data visualization purposes.

Two distinct knowledge graph representations have been designed to optimize navigation and user experience:

  • The first type, the “overall view,” is designed for pattern recognition and group identification.
  • The second, called “immersive view,” submerges the user into the graph for a more local perspective, enhancing the readability of individual node relationships.